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Dr. Wellness - Light Therapy FAQs





Is Red Light Photo Rejuvenation Therapy comparable to sunlight?
No. Photo Rejuvenation Therapy uses red light at a peak frequency of 633nm. This light spectrum contains no UV (ultra violet) rays.

What distinguishes red light therapy from other types of treatment?
Unlike other skin rejuvenation therapies such as laser and IPL, Photo Rejuvenation Therapy works without high temperatures on the skin or damaging tissues or cells. The red light emitted is not hot and suitable for women and men of all skin types and age groups. No known contraindications. No regeneration time. It is a simple, natural treatment. Photo Rejuvenation Therapy is ideal for improving results in combination with other therapies, such as microdermabrasion. Botox(R), anti-wrinkle treatment, facial peeling, laser or IPL.

Do I need to prepare my skin for a red light lamp therapy session?
To ensure the best possible results of the red light treatment, its beneficial to cleanse your skin thoroughly beforehand. No other preparation is necessary. The use of special skin care products like the SKIN-TEK line, designed specifically for red light therapy, may improve the results experienced. Ask a salon associate for details.

Is Treatment Suitable for Anyone?
Photo Rejuvenation Therapy using red light lamps is suitable for all skin types. However, the following people should not use the Red Light Therapy Bed: Pregnany Women, Epileptics, People with illnesses that are sensitive to light, People using medication or herbal remedies that may result in light sensitivity (such as antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, or St. John's Wort (see salon personnel for a complete list). If in doubt about whether you should use the Red Light Therapy Bed, Photo Bio Stimulation, please seek medical advice prior to use.

Do I need to wear protective glasses?
The Red Light Therapy Bed emits light in the 600-700 nanometer range and the light is very bright in nature. For comfort you may prefer to keep your eyes closed during the session or wear tinted eyewear or sunglasses that reduce the intensity of the light. We recommend that you not stare directly at the lamps. So long as you do not stare directly at the light glasses are not required

How can I Maintain the Results?
Once you have completed your red light therapy, you can perserve the results through a combination of one weekly session along with proper diet, hydration, special care products and exercise.

Is it OK to wear cosmetics during the session?
Please be aware that make-up may reduce or block the effectiveness of the light. While the skin's permeability increases during the session, which improves the effect of skin care products and allows active ingredients to penetrate deeper, for maximum effectiveness of the session we recommend removing all make-up prior to use.

Do certain medications affect the results?
If you are taking medication or suffer from a skin disorder, please be aware that certain medicines may be photosensitive. That is, they may cause an adverse reaction when the body is exposed to light. A list that identifies many photosensitive medications, foods and ingredients should be on display in the salon. Always consult your physician if you have any questions or concerns.

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