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Laguna Bay Spas - Seating


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A spa seat that lets you settle into pure comfort

The spa seating design experts at Laguna Bay Spas have applied the ergonomics of body support to the environment of water to create form-fitting spaces. Each spa seat helps you maintain even weight distribution and correct posture when surrounded by jet-driven water. So you can relax into the hot tub seats of your Laguna Bay spa for total comfort. Moving from one area to another, you can achieve specialized massage types, or a full-body hydrotherapeutic experience.

Hot Tub Seats That Give You Relaxing Options

Full-body Lounge - 1
  • Ergonomically designed for overall hydrotherapy
  • Neck, shoulder, back, calf, hip and foot jets
  • Wrist jets on select models
Cool-Down Seat - 2
  • Cool gradually before leaving the spa
  • Sit partially out of the water
  • Enjoy a foot and calf massage
Therapy Seat - 3
  • Unique therapy massage station for neck, shoulders, and back
  • Targets specific acupressure points
  • Customized hydrotherapy
  • Mild to bold action, deep-tissue massage
Soaking Seat - 4
  • Adjust controls from your spa seat
  • Comfortable support
  • Ideal for gentle spa hydrotherapy

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