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2 Person Sauna

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Dr. Wellness Therapy - 3 Person Corner Sauna Sauna
3 Person Corner Sauna
MSRP: $2199
Price: $1799

All of our infrared & ceramic saunas are made to the highest standards using best quality construction materials such as Canadian hemlock wood, premium ceramic and carbon heaters and state of the art electronic control systems.

Our sauna designs have been carefully thought out to make the most efficient use of space possible to create a spacious interior with the minimum intrusion into its site. Canadian hemlock wood is thermally efficient and is not prone to warping or distorting, but more importantly contains no taupins which are contained in some other woods such as pine, it is also a very durable wood.

We now use therapy lighting in all our saunas to help create and enhance the relaxing sauna environment. Due to the nature of infrared and ceramic saunas it is possible to read as there is no steam so we always include a reading light.

With a traditional sauna heat is transferred by circulating hot air, therefore very high air temperatures are required to heat the body, the far infrared heat rays warm your body directly. This allows a penetrating heat at a more pleasant temperature of 110 - 150F (43 - 66C), thus providing more health benefits and a far more enjoyable and comfortable environment.

A typical conventional sauna requires a power supply of up to 7kW therefore an electrician will be needed to install the heater, our largest infrared sauna needs a power supply capable of delivering 2.4kW therefore can be run directly from a domestic 3 pin socket, another advantage is because there is no steam, no venting is required and the sauna cannot cause condensation.


  • Natural Hemlock Wood Construction
  • Tempered Glass Door and Windows
  • Interior Reading Light
  • Ceramic Heaters
  • Roof Vent
  • Interior LED Control Panel
  • MP3 Auxiliary Connection with 2 Dynamic Speakers and Pre Amp
  • Clasp Together Assembly
  • 76" x 60" x 60"
  • 418 lbs

SIZE: 76" x 60" x 60"
SEATS: 3 Oversized
ELECTRICAL: 220V / 20 Amp

The dimensions provided should be considered a guideline. Actual dimensions may differ slightly from the dimensions provided because of variations in the manufacturing process. The manufacturer reserves the right to make reasonable adjustments or substitutions at their discretion for refinements that improve the quality and performance of the product.

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