Dr Wellness has been committed for decades to aleviating Arthritis pain from any source. One source of relief is through Hyrdo Therapy
Dr. Wellness is a proud supporter of:
The American Chronic Pain Association wants us to let them guide us through the Maze of Pain
The American Acne Foundation (AAF) was established in 2009 as an organization for the support of people with acne.
The National Psoriasis Foundation is working to find a cure for psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis and to eliminate their devastating effects. The American Pain Foundation is working diligently at understanding pain and finding therapies that work The Vitamin D Council links together great minds to discover the secrets of the vitamin
  The Arthritis Foundation is committed to helping its victums live with it and provide therapies to aleviate it the pain associated with arthritis  

Dr. Wellness Therapy

Heat Flow Technology provides savings on your energy bills. It provides for the lowest carbon signature on the market today

Our Exclusive HeatFlow™ Technology
Capturing and Recycling Natural Energy

Dr. Wellness Spas is already recognized as the Spa Manufacturing Industry leader in providing unsurpassed energy efficiency and our exclusive HeatFlow™ Technology makes our great hot tubs even better!!

Click here for more info on how our exclusive "HeatFlow™ Technology" works.

You can believe in Dr. Wellness Spas

Our exclusive components, processes, and features will allow you to do what you deserve, relax. We are committed to using environmentally safe equipment and practices, and only the finest and most efficient components. That's why every Dr. Wellness Spa we produce is equipped with our exclusive EnergySaver Spa Equipment.

There is so much to love about Dr. Wellness spas. Just pull back the hot tub cover and your Dr. Wellness spa is ready to go.

  • Relax with a warm hydromassage.
  • Invite friends over to soak in your spa on a snowy evening.
  • Experience healing relief from warm-water therapy jets.
  • See romantic possibilities in the sparkling light of a waterfall.
Hydro Therapy from Dr Wellness is the perfect way to provide comfort to you aches and pains

Dr. Wellness Therapy offers several lines of quality hot tubs and swim spas,
including our Lifestyle Series, Tranquility Series, and introducing our Swim Spa/Exercise Series.

Dr. Wellness Therapy Spas are proudly manufactured exclusively in the United States,
using only the highest quality components to ensure the highest customer satisfaction.

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