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Dr. Wellness Therapy - Energy Efficiency
Energy Efficiency

Here at Dr. Wellness we are proud to publish the cost to operate our units. All our units are manufactured to be very energy efficient from top to bottom. Our exclusive EnergySaver equipment is also made with a focus on getting rid of unnecessary energy waste. All manufacturers claim their spas are efficient, some claim full foam and some claim barrier insulation is best. But there are many more factors in addition to insulation that controls how efficient the spa actually is. Beware of any spa manufacturer that does not publish their energy ratings, as some units can use a extreme amount of Kilowatt hours each month, thus costing you much more money and in some cases actually putting you in a much higher Kilowatt per hour bracket for your entire home.

Below ratings are based on the national average of .10 KWH, please check locally for your exact rate.

Monthly Costs
Model 75° Average Ambient Temp 45° Average Ambient Temp
C-1000 $9.80 $21.34
C-2000 $10.10 $22.11
C-5000 $10.32 $22.76
C-6000 $10.13 $22.19
X-100 $9.91 $21.98
X-2 $9.96 $21.80
X-3 $10.13 $23.65
X-5 $10.90 $25.79
X-6 $12.15 $26.91
X-11 $13.68 $29.42
X-12 $13.45 $29.24
G-2000 $9.79 $22.02
G-2 $8.52 $18.65
G-6 $10.51 $23.28
G-7 $10.65 $23.64
G-10K $11.24 $25.29
G-60 $10.64 $23.63
G-11 $11.70 $25.15
G-12 $11.63 $25.29
G-110 $11.79 $25.58
G-13 $12.44 $27.97
G-14 $12.08 $27.15
G-15 $12.51 $28.14
G-16 $12.14 $27.31
G-20K $11.97 $26.11
G-1500 $12.91 $27.98
G-1600 $13.29 $29.05

Based on using the spa 6 times per week, 15 minutes with all the jets on, 15 minutes with the jets off. Spa temperature programmed to be 101 degrees between 6PM and 8PM everyday. Spa equipped with HeatFlow Technology. Testing completed by a 3rd party in a controlled enviroment with different ambient temperatures. Individual energy consumption will vary depending on water set temperature, actual consumer usage patterns, and actual environmental ambient conditions.

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