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Top Reasons to Buy Technologically Advanced Spas from Dr. Wellness

Dr Wellness Hot Tubs talks about Discount Spas Make Hot Tub Benefits Affordable. We all can learn much from the doctor

Top Reasons to Buy Technologically Advanced Spas from Dr Wellness
Hydrotherapy is known to provide relief to arthritic pain and also aches and pains in muscles that have been over worked

Dr. Wellness hot tubs and hot tub covers are amongst the finest in the world. This company has already been recognized throughout the world-over for its continued innovation. Dr. Wellness is one of the rare few companies today, that has been making rapid advancements in hot tub technology.

HeatFlow Technology

This technology is a breakthrough innovation in retaining dispensed heat. When you are in your spa, the cover is up. This results in a reduction of the water temperature. Every thirty minutes the temperature of the water reduces by approximately 1 degree.
When you exit the spa, the water may have cooled down considerably. If you are operating multiple spas, then even using hot tub covers may not retain enough heat as because it escapes the tub during use.  Therefore it may become necessary to reheat water for maximum comfort.

The HeatFlow technology built-into Dr. Wellness captures this dispersed heat and reestablishes it by reheating the water continuously. This way there is a continuous cycle of dispersed heat and reestablished heat. Even if you have the cover up, there is little reduction in heat.

You need not reheat the spa water after you finish. The water is warm as it was originally. Therefore you can apply the Dr. Wellness hot tub covers to ensure retention of heat when the spa is not in use.

Optimum Utilization of Heat Energy

When you have a large hot tub, the heating requirement is even more important. Likewise, the dispersed heat increases, too. You cannot afford to lose this quantity of heat. Here is where the HeatFlow technology is most important. The dispersed heat energy is captured and recycled back to use.  With this technology, you reduce your heating costs, you remove the burden on your heating devices and you make substantial savings on your energy bills.

Health Benefits of Spas

Buying hot tubs and hot tub covers from Dr. Wellness is often preferred due to the considerable savings in energy conservation. Buying a spa provides multiple health benefits. The warmth of water permeates your skin and relieves muscle tension. The dispensed heat is soft and permeates your pores and cleans them.There three top reasons to Buy Technologically Advanced Spas from Dr Wellness but one is the HeatFlow Technology and how it optimizes your hot tub

You experience a marked reduction in stress levels. You also feel energetic and relaxed. A spa session is an ideal way to getsleep. You can include this in your daily itinerary before you sleep. If you are suffering from chronic headaches such as migraines, regular spa sessions will completely resolve the pain. In fact, you may experience permanent results.  Visit Dr Wellness Hot Tubs to learn more about this innovative technology.

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