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Tips for Properly Maintaining Hot Tubs Dr Wellness Spas

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Tips for Properly Maintaining Spas from Leisure Products, Inc.
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When you buy a spa, it is important to properly maintain it. A poorly maintained spa will eventually malfunction. As the owner of the spa, it is your responsibility to maintain the spa by following the instructions provided by the manufacturer. The following are some tips to help you properly maintain your spa.

Check the Quality of Water

You can seal your hot tub by buying a cover. Every two days, open the cover and check for the quality of water. Does it look murky? Does it look clear? If it looks murky, you may need to administer chemicals or change the water.

Check the pH, Calcium Level, and Alkalinity

An ideal pH range of the water in the unit should be 7.2 to 7.8. with 7.4 is the best pH level. Water does retain some calcium. If you do not remove this calcium, it could form deposits on your hot tub and destroy the internal mechanics. You can buy calcium removal agents from Leisure Products, Inc.

Change the Water

You have to change the water in the spa, even if you use high quality covers from Dr. Wellness. You can change the water every 2 months, but it depends on how much you use the hot tub.

Get the Right Spa Cover

Ensure you get the best-fitting spa cover to prevent heat loss. Measure the dimensions of your spa accurately and then use this measurement to buy a high quality spa cover.

Check the Plumbing

There is a lot that is happening inside and outside of a hot tub. There could be a leak that you haven’t noticed. If there is a leak happening, you can check the manufacturer's warranty if it covers such problems. However, quality spas rarely have such an issue.

There are many manufacturers who sell full foam spas. They offer insignificant warranty coverage on certain integral coHow to Maintain Hot Tubsmponents. So, when these components malfunction, you may have to replace them out of pocket.

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