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The Different Features of Hot Tubs and Spas from Leisure Products, Inc.

Dr Wellness Hot Tubs talks about Discount Spas Make Hot Tub Benefits Affordable. We all can learn much from the doctor

The Different Features of Hot Tubs and Spas from Leisure Products, Inc.
The primary way how a hot tub covers from Leisure Products benefit you is we make the most energy efficient cover found on the market

One of the major factors that sets the products manufactured by Leisure Products, Inc. (also known as Dr. Wellness), apart is that they offer a greater set of useful and beneficial features. Unlike most of the other hot tubs and spas that you will find being widely sold on the Internet, the products from this particular company are packed with features that provide numerous health benefits, both for your physical and your mental well being.
So, what comprises the set of features found in the hot tubs and spas manufactured by Leisure Products, Inc.? Here are just a few of them.

Hot Tub Jets

Dr. Wellness offers a wide range of various massage types. These massage types include penetrating, pulsing, streaming, and swirling. All of these hot tub jets features work effectively for any kind of therapeutic technique that you may specifically be looking for. Pressure point, whirlpool, and therapy are the three types of jets actions that hot tubs and spas from this company provides:

  • Pressure Point Hot Tub Jets - The pressure point hot tub jets helps stimulate key acupressure points. These pressure points include those located in your shoulders, your neck, your back, your calves, and your feet. The deep-tissue massaging effect of these jets can also help relieve joint pains and muscle tension.
  • Whirlpool Hot Tub Jets - The whirlpool hot tub jets offer a bolder action and a much more vigorous deep-muscle massaging effect. These jets also come in both low and high impact therapeutic massages. The swirling sensation also helps relieve stress and make you feel more relaxed.
  • Therapy Hot Tub Jets - If you are looking for a versatile kind of hot tub jets, the most ideal choice for you is the therapy hot tub jets. These come in swirling motions, rotating motions, and stationary action. These hot tub jets are very helpful in relieving neck strains and neck tension. The massage actions of these hot tub jets are great for relaxing sensitive nerves and relieving small muscle tension and pains.

Hot Tub and Spa Water Purifier

The top grade hot tub and spa water purifier that Leisure Products, Inc. manufactures significantly reduces your need for using chemical sanitizers. The high-output corona discharge (CD) ozone generator eliminates micro-organisms, impurities, and other contaminants present in the hot tub or spa water. Aside from being safer and healthier, this purifying system can also help you reduce your hot tub or spa cleaning and sanitation expenses.

Hot Tub and Spa SeatingThere are many advantages that can be discerned about Dr Wellness Hot Tubs, Dr Wellness Spas, and Dr Wellness Hot Tub Covers

When you choose Dr. Wellness for all your hot tub and spa seating requirements, extreme comfort is guaranteed. All of the hot tub and spa seats that this company manufactures are designed to distribute your weight evenly and help you stay in a proper posture. Full body lounge, cool down, therapy, and soaking seats are the seating types available. Visit Dr Wellness Hot Tubs website now for more details.

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