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How to Buy Energy Efficient Hot Tubs

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How to Buy Energy Efficient Hot Tubs
Dr Wellness wants everyone to benefit and enjoy Hydro Therapy in a hot tub or spa. This article will help you in purchasing the right hot tub

In a world full of choices, it becomes imperative to choose wisely. When it comes to hot tubs, you may encounter plenty of choices. Therefore, choosing the right one could be difficult. The key considerations when buying a hot tub include:

  • The longevity of the hot tub. For instance, hot tubs from Dr. Wellness are the most long-lasting in the industry. So this makes an excellent reference point.
  • Durability. Not only of the hot tub, but also of the discount covers that come with it as accessories. Highly durable hot tubs can resist wear and tear.
  • Basic to advanced features. Hot tubs should have basic features such as a comfortable seating arrangement and some water jets. Advanced features include mounting points for music systems, lighting effects, and decorative art on the hot tub.

Characteristics of Energy Efficient Hot Tubs

Recent consumer reports indicate that Dr. Wellness manufacturers many of the most energy efficient hot tubs in the world. When you buy hot tubs and discount covers from this manufacturer, expect a drastic reduction in electricity costs associated with heating.

In an ideal scenario, a hot tub should be well-insulated and fully-foamed. This arrangement helps to reduce heat energy waste.
The idea of an energy efficient hot tub is to reduce energy costs and thereby the total cost of ownership. Thus, your operating costs should be within $30 per month. If it is more than that, it is an indication of a hot tub that promises to be energy efficient but isn’t.

California Energy Commission (CEC) certifies hot tubs and spas for their energy efficiency. If you find the CEC certification on a hot tub, then you know that this hot tub is energy efficient. The CEC operates on the basis of the California law.


Given that Dr. Wellness manufactures energy efficient hot tubs and discount covers, many customers trust in their years of experience and promise for innovation. Download Article

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