Dr Wellness has been committed for decades to aleviating Arthritis pain from any source. One source of relief is through Hyrdo Therapy
Dr. Wellness is a proud supporter of:
The American Chronic Pain Association wants us to let them guide us through the Maze of Pain
The American Acne Foundation (AAF) was established in 2009 as an organization for the support of people with acne.
The National Psoriasis Foundation is working to find a cure for psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis and to eliminate their devastating effects. The American Pain Foundation is working diligently at understanding pain and finding therapies that work The Vitamin D Council links together great minds to discover the secrets of the vitamin
  The Arthritis Foundation is committed to helping its victums live with it and provide therapies to aleviate it the pain associated with arthritis  
Buy High Quality and Affordable Dr Wellness Spas

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Buy High Quality and Affordable Spas from Dr Wellness
Dr Wellness Hydro Therapy is a critical part of a healthy body. As the waters pulses through it your muscles and joints are massaged for relief.

Dr. Wellness has some of the most high quality and affordable spas in the world. Energy efficiency and feature-richness characterize these spa products. All spa equipment from this manufacturer is certified as being energy efficient from certifying agencies.

Nothing can compete with the relaxing effect a hot tub provides. If you want a bigger spa, you can buy them from this manufacturer. For instance, a popular spa is their five-person spa that also features nineteen jets. This spa is retrofitted with controls on the top. You use these controls to set the temperature. There are controls to help you control all nineteen jets. These hydrotherapeutic jets are placed at various locations in the hot tub. If you want to turn the foot jets, there is an associated control for it.

Characteristics of Dr. Wellness Spas

The affordable spas from this manufacturer are well-constructed. Dr. Wellness has a strong reputation in this regard. For example, the five-person hot tub is made of fiberglass. The foam insulation provides enough heat retention due to its high density and the surface is comprised of acrylic in a roughened texture to prevent anyone from accidental slips. To keep the jets operational at all times, an integrated pump is available. The horsepower of this pump varies by model. In a five-person model, it is generally 1.5 HP. Furthermore, the seating arrangement is ergonomically spaced. There is plenty of room for guests to fully enjoy their spa experience.

Overall, this structure is robust, elegant, high-tech, and very affordable! Experience a wealth of benefits with spas. Dr Wellness Hot Tubs are the best of both worlds high quality spas at a reasonable and affordable price. Look and see.Dr Wellness also has a good warranty. In fact, many of their five-person spas possess a lifetime warranty on their structure, a generous ten years of warranty on the shell area, and two years for the components.
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