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In addtion to wanting everyone to have a healthy lifestyle all of Dr Wellness Products are American Made. They support the United States Economy

We appreciate the opportunity you have given us to earn your business.
Dr Wellness manufacturers a full line of premium Saunas, Hot Tubs right here, in the United States; we are based in Tennessee. We proudly employ hard working Americans who do the final assembly on every component, making sure that the most reliable, highest quality products are delivered to you.

Dr. Wellness products have been designed with the assistance of real doctors who have helped us engineer products that focus on the specific needs of real patients in every product we sell. We understand that you have many choices in today�s highly competitive marketplace. Our company�s core values demand that we strive to provide the absolute best products, exceptional customer service, and the longest warranty in each of our respective industries. We must honor our commitment to those values without sacrifice, while understanding that the true, driving force for every consumer�s final decision, is making sure our products are competitively priced and affordable to own.

Dr Wellness is currently the #1 most prescribed hot tub line in the world, with doctors all over the country recognizing the quality and therapeutic benefits from every product we sell. We would like to thank all the medical doctors who have and continue to recommend our products everyday. We understand the standards that you, as Doctors who recommend our products, demand for the patients you recommend and refer to us. We know what you expect when you recommend the purchase of a Dr Wellness product.

We are certain you will be very happy with your purchase. We hope that you are so happy that you will be back to purchase other Dr. Wellness products. We also hope that as you begin the healing process that naturally occurs when you use Dr. Wellness products, that you will recommend us to all your friends and family so they can begin enjoying better health, too. We appreciate the opportunity to help you improve your well being, and thank you again for visiting our website and for viewing Dr. Wellness products.


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